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Advantages of Mingkun Xinlan
hardware products
High end customization, spot supply and excellent quality
Is a professional engaged in aluminum products, hardware accessories processing enterprises
  • Be flexible
    Aluminum alloy, with the incomparable advantages of other door and window materials, is light in weight and strong in strength. It can be extruded into various complex section profiles used in various periods, and can meet the requirements of various new sections of door and window designers.
  • Good sealing performance
    Airtight performance directly affects the function and energy consumption of doors and windows. Sealing performance includes air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation and sound insulation.
  • Long service life
    Due to its light weight, high strength, precise processing and assembly, aluminum alloy doors and windows are light and flexible in opening and closing, no noise, convenient in use and maintenance, corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance and long service life (50-100 years).
  • Excellent weatherability
    It is resistant to the erosion of acid and alkali, and free from the invasion of air pollution, acid rain and ozone. UV resistant, long-term maintenance of inherent color luster.
  • Elegant decorative effect
    Aluminum alloy doors and windows have a variety of surface treatment technologies, such as powder spraying, anodizing, electrophoretic coating, wood grain transfer processing and so on. There are a variety of colors and wood grain, so there is a wide choice. It can meet the needs of all kinds of architectural decoration and give buildings beautiful clothing.
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Mingkun Xinlan hardware products
Is a professional engaged in aluminum products, hardware accessories processing enterprises
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Focus on aluminum industry integrity cooperation
Is a professional engaged in aluminum products, hardware accessories processing enterprises
Operational plan and objectives
Continue to take the market demand as the leading, lead the research and development of new independent products, work together with partners to create a sustainable and healthy development of the door and window supply and demand market! At present, the development and use of high-end home decoration series profiles have been relatively perfect. The products of various series are highly interoperable, and the accessories and supporting equipment are generally common. The profiles have sufficient inventory, novel styles, and simple production. It is a one-stop purchasing platform for system door and window profiles!
Industry benchmark, won a number of national honors
"Top 10 brands of Guangdong aluminum door for living room", "signing unit of integrity alliance of aluminum door (window) industry", "annual most popular brand of new doors and windows for consumers", "chairman unit of China integrated home furnishing alliance", "signing unit of self discipline convention of aluminum door (window) industry", won the first choice of green environmental protection products, brand of China's door and window industry, AAA enterprise of quality, service and integrity, famous brand of China National consumer satisfaction brand, China aluminum alloy door industry brand.
Sales network all over the world, leading the marketing model
Sales to 30 provinces, more than 1000 cities, radiation second, third and fourth tier cities, exported to Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and dozens of countries and regions< Br > 60000 square meters of modern garden factory, large indoor raw material warehouse, the raw materials stored can be used for one year production, which can make the product quality more stable. Annual production of 300000 square meters, daily production of more than 1000 square meters, fast supply cycle.
Perfect after-sales service system, enjoy star quality service
Adopt perfect after-sales maintenance policy.we have a professional customer service team to provide you with the most intimate service quick response: 24-hour customer problem response service, providing you with 360 ° Comprehensive after-sales service.
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Is a professional engaged in aluminum products, hardware accessories processing enterprises
Perfect joining support system, enjoy 100 billion aluminum market easily
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